Why do you need to find a professional factory to purchase wireless chargers?

Why do you need to find a professional factory to purchase wireless chargers?

8 ways to identify the quality of wireless charger products


The last two years due to the release of the built-in magnet Apple phone 12 series- Apple phone 14 series, so that wireless chargers and magnetic wireless chargers sales explosion, the market is rapidly filled with a wide range of wireless chargers, they are very creative products from the appearance, so as a buyer how to identify the quality of wireless chargers high and low?


First of all, from the visual point of view, the external material, gloss, feel, texture of the product to judge.

The appearance of the texture is very important, determine the first impression of the product, play a decisive role in the terminal sales, while the consumer experience after purchase, the rate of praise and repurchase rate depends on the internal quality of the product.


Today let's explore a few criteria for the internal quality of wireless chargers and the difference in quality grasp between professional wireless charger factories and ordinary assembly plants.


Now let's open the product shell and see the internal structure of the product.


We choose A60 - 3 in 1 wireless charging stand with alarm clock from Falandu Technology(A professional wireless charger manufacturer integrating from mold injection to SMT placement to finished product assembly.) and B - 3 in 1 wireless charger from another factory(General assembly plant).

1、The difference between large and small boards

A60 with a large board, good heat dissipation.

B products use a small board, poor heat dissipation performance.



2, the difference between the wire

A60 with a 6PIN wire, neat, not tangled.

B products with a common line, disorderly.


 3、The difference between the main control chip

A60 with the highest version of the South Core chip 4.0 compatibility, fast heat dissipation, high charging efficiency.

B products with Huaqiang North level of public mode, cheap chips, no brand MCU.



4、 the main control level of integration

A60 with dual full bridge|Dual MOS integration is high, a full bridge contains four MOS and integrated a full bridge power driver, current sense amplifier, guide circuit, communication demodulator, linear regulator and protection circuit .

The MCU program of product B is simple, buggy, and has only dual MOS, which is prone to situations such as dead and hot when charging.



 5、Heat dissipation device

The biggest problem of wireless charger is heat, in order to solve the problem of heat, A60 bottom pad has a large area of ice cooling rubber. And many non-professional wireless charger factory in order to save money, simply will not use this cooling gel, such as B products.




6、Difference of capacitors

A60 has double large capacitors to reduce the temperature during charging, while the B product has only one  capacitor.





7, the difference between the charging coil

A60 with a coarse coil 12 turns, power generation rate is large, the headset is more compatible with a wider range.

B product coil is ordinary fine coil, power generation power is small.



8、The details of the solder point

A60's solder point is full and rounded, making the charging connection more stable and the power rate higher, thus improving the charging conversion rate. b product's solder point is flat and irregular, making it difficult to guarantee the power rate effect for a long time.



The quality of a wireless charger is reflected in countless details. Every perfect detail that consumers can see and feel is the result of countless exercises and improvements made by workers in professional wireless charger factories.


For example, the soldering point, such a small detail, although it can improve the efficiency of power through, but the vast majority of customers will not see.

So if you, as a wireless charger brand or online store, feel that the wireless charger sample you bought is not charging well enough, don't just look at its appearance, please open it to check its internal structure, check the arrangement of the motherboard, the strengths and weaknesses of the electronic components, the details of the processing to examine whether it is produced by a professional wireless charger factory and whether it can do a good job of quality control for your order.

Please contact with Shenzhen Falandu Technology sales to discuss the quality of wireless chargers, we hope we can provide you with professional help and advice.

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